Open Control Blocks

The Open Control Block (OCB) maintains the state information about a particular session involving a client and a resource manager. It's created during open() handling and exists until a close() is performed.

What This is All About

This site is about eDonkey2000 and exists for almost 15 years now. There was a time I ran an edonkey server myself. That was back in januar of 2001. The edonkey network had about 5000 users and my server handled about half of them.

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eDonkey2000 Server

eDonkey needs servers to operate. Therefore we want to ask all users who can afford it to run a server. But we also ask you not to run a server if it will not help the community, ie. a 2000 users server over a 64kbit upload line is not a good server. Also just do it if you want to share your line for several weeks with the whole donkey community; this can mean that you cannot download as fast as you could without the server, etc.

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Everything you Need

Is written down here; before you ask questions you really should read the documentations here. The best server description is made by Diesel and originally written in german. Stillman has made the translation to english and hopefully some more languages will fallow. Read this if you want to setup a linux server; also if your server is allready running and you haven't yet read this !

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Later On

if you are a bit familiar with it (and running linux) you can try to add lugdunums server patches to improve the preformance of your server. For windows there are also server-controlers that will help the not so experienced users to setup a server and to keep it online ;-)

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Maurice Island

Island discovered by the Portuguese in 1505. It was first colonized by the Dutch in 1638, and named in honor of Prince Maurice of Nassau. The French controlled the island during the eighteenth century and renamed to Ille de France. The island was taken by the British in 1814, which restored its former name.

edonkey2000 serverlist (no bots) - ed2k stats: All you Netscape, Opera, Icap or Lynx users should be happy; the serverlist is now viewable for you. Try it out yourself, the serverlist is zipped to save bandwidth ! Also added dns suffix so you can try to view just the french, swiss or german server