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  • Dynamic Content with CGI

    Posted on April 10, 2005 by in Apache

    Related Modules mod_alias mod_cgi Related Directives AddHandler Options ScriptAlias The CGI (Common Gateway Interface) defines a way for a web server to interact with external content-generating programs, which are often referred to as CGI programs or CGI scripts. It is the simplest, and most common, way to put dynamic content on your web site. This […]

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  • Configuration Files

    Posted on April 10, 2005 by in Apache

    Main Configuration Files Related Modules mod_mime Related Directives AccessConfig <IfDefine> Include ResourceConfig TypesConfig Apache is configured by placing directives in plain text configuration files. The main configuration file is usually called httpd.conf. The location of this file is set at compile-time, but may be overridden with the -f command line flag. Some sites also have […]

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