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    eDonkey bot

    Posted on March 12, 2006 by in Tools

    pb33, the programer of the bot, has released a light version of the bot that has none of the harmfull features we mention below included anymore… The bot is a nonofficial addon to eDonkey that does the work a humanoid would do, it was written by pb33 and it will make your donkey work more […]

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  • edonkey2000 tools

    Posted on March 12, 2006 by in Tools

    Here you can find diverse tools that were built by enthusiastically members of the eDonkey-community. Please note that no tool can give you the maximum download speed your connection can handle, the downloadspeed always belongs on other users from which you will download. Downloads don’t go through servers so there isn’t and can’t be a […]

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  • Using Apache with Cygwin

    Posted on March 10, 2006 by in Apache

    This document explains how to install, configure and run Apache 1.3 under the Cygwin layer for Microsoft Windows. Cygwin is a POSIX.1 emulation layer for 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Apache Group does not guarantee that this software will work as documented, or even at all. If you find any bugs, please document them […]

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