• Autoupdater by ocbMaurice

    “The Original” was written by Maurice, who will give a detailed explanation of his software right here.


    • server.met autoupdater by maurice – version 3.0 – core.zip (DLs: 124013, size: -1)


    Edmetfile by Vincent

    A very small and fast server.met-Autoupdater based on C++. If you like minimalistic stuff, this Autoupdater is your choice.


    • Edmetfile.zip (DLs: 6133, size: 47.61 KB)


    Autoupdater by BierBaron (14665)

    This is another Serverlist-Updater – It has an extra feature that gives the possibility to get serverlists from different locations (like SLUG) and drop them all in the same server.met – if there´s the possibility to get a “machine-only” serverlist, you should take it – while e.g. SLUG´s “normal”, human-readable list has 60kB, the “machine-only” list has only 8kB – this way, parsing will be much faster and the serverlist-host have to serve less traffic. BierBaron has also included a “verifier” that checks all the servers in the list, but we strongly recommend not to use it (see “a word about direct server testing tools”)…


    • ED2kUtils1.3.zip (DLs: 5087, size: 512.15 KB)


    Get-Server-List-Editor by Blue Snake (4552)

    This tool is not a Serverlist-Updater itself, but it helps you editing the hardcoded serverlist-url’s in v.35.16.6x. Jed has implemented a automatically update of the serverlist since version 60 of eDonkey. Unfortunately, he has not included a option to change these, meanwhile offline url’s. Experienced users change the mirrors with a hexeditor, but for a novice this is not as easy. With GSLE you can do this very comfortably and fast.


    • GSLE120.zip (DLs: 1543, size: 218.56 KB)



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