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    .met file explorer by Blue Snake (15160)

    This is a tool to inspect and even repair .part.met-files (the files in your “temp”-folder) – you will save some files from ending in the data-nirvana by using it…

    • Browser.zip (DLs: 4068, size: 221.34 KB)

    FakeCheck by SnakeByte (5099)

    There are bad people out there, who rename files to something totally different than they really are, maybe they think it’s funny… To help you to determine a fake-file, SnakeByte has written this tool. By clicking “Check it”, the tool searches through a database that includes a lot of filenames that have been exposed as fakes by other users in the past. Of course you are invited to submit a fake if you have find one, this can be done by clicking “submit a fake” in this tool or on the tools developer-HP (link above).

    • fakecheck_v2_0.zip (DLs: 15210, size: 115.22 KB)

    PartView by Tektor

    This is a very interesting tool for detailly viewing your part.met-files. You can view the file-ID, the hash-table, the original name of a part-file, bytes transferred, position of gaps not yet downloaded etc. Check the readme for details.

    • Partview VIII.zip (DLs: 12481, size: 159.99 KB)

    DonkeyDoctor by DonketDoctor (26025)

    Like the name says, this tools intention is repairing part-files. The first time you use the program a window will popup where you have to enter the path of your edonkey2000-directory. When this is done, the main window appears. Attention!!! You should shutdown Edonkey before run DonkeyDoctor.

    • DonkeyDoctor1003d_ENG.zip (DLs: 2826, size: 30.21 KB)

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