• How To Install And Use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) For Updates and Hotfixes

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    WSUS or Windows Server Update Services allows you to manage Microsoft updates on your network. This includes the deployment and also administration. Having a carefully place WSUS server on…

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  1. ITSystemsAdmin says:

    Great Comments… THANK YOU!

  2. Manoja Kumari says:

    very helpful tutorial… thanks …:)

  3. Jay Senseng says:

    first of all thank you so much for this video! it’s super easy to follow.
    can you target specific computers or does this update pushed through all
    the ones connected to the domain?
    if specific computers is possible,how do you add computers to a group?


  4. danobot says:

    Does this download the update once to to the server and all computers
    connected to the server download the updates from the server rather than
    from the internet, therefore saving download quota?

  5. Sachin Badole says:

    nice info in very good way..thanks man…nice job…like your type of
    people makes better IT world. 

  6. EDWIN PAGAN says:

    great vid thanks man 

  7. Schnitzer325ci says:

    Thank you very much, very good tutorial, but it would have been nice to see
    what the push does to a host.. i.e when the prompt appears and what the
    user can and can’t do. Also some updates effect systems differently and it
    would be nice to know which updates are appropriate as some updates fail or
    damage machines. Hope to hear from you.

  8. Mohan Raj says:

    I have a doubt for a sinario. pls clarify. The company’s Network and
    Company server whic is located in different location. Both the connections
    are up from der side, but the problem is dey hav not connected to each
    other. how to Troubleshoot this situation. there is no problem in both
    Server and client side but no Connectivity.

  9. Pankaj Bari says:

    Can anybody tell me how to configure WSUS for sccm 2007?

  10. Jeff Lebowski says:

    i would like to download and copy those updates to a pen, each time i
    format my pc i will have them right there ! 

  11. adam miswaggon says:

    People like you are awesome. I just want to say thank you. Hope to watch
    more of your videos. Thanks!

  12. sankara subramanian says:

    thnks lot, can u share me the list event ids related with configuring &
    removing the WSUS services on the server.

  13. ITSystemsAdmin says:

    Comment Appreciated!

  14. ITSystemsAdmin says:

    Because WSUS client computers update themselves automatically, you only
    need to configure and point client computers to the WSUS server. To
    configure Automatic Updates, create a new Group Policy object (GPO) for
    WSUS settings and then link that GPO on the domain level. Next, add all of
    your WSUS settings by editing the GPO you just created.

  15. Kelvin Low Ee Hahn says:

    Do I need to configure anything on the client side? How do I point my
    client to the WSUS server?

  16. ScubaSteve0169 says:

    Great detail! Thanks for the help and sharing your experience!! I had it
    all configured but the second GPO specifying the intranet server. Thanks

  17. Durdendiggler says:

    watched a lot of your videos, and have helped a lot. Thanks and keep them
    coming 🙂

  18. Som Verma says:

    how a host will sync in this!!!!

  19. VegaH 87 says:

    Thanks very much for the upload, its a very useful tool. One question: how
    can you do to differentiate between updates for xp, vista or 7 clients? Can
    you create different groups of clients on wsus and assign them your
    selected updates?

  20. ITSystemsAdmin says:

    Comment Appreciated!!! Windows Server 2012 / 2008 power many of the
    world’s largest datacenters, and delivers value to organizations of all
    sizes in between, all around the world. Thanks!

  21. ITSystemsAdmin says:

    Just because I always do — let’s clarify here that the WSUS server does
    not push anything. The Windows Update Agent on each individual client
    system queries, downloads, and initiates the installation of the updates.
    The WSUS Server is a *PASSIVE* device in the updating process.

  22. ITSystemsAdmin says:

    There is no option in WSUS to distinguish between x32 and x64 Windows 7
    updates as there is for Windows XP. This makes the process very tedious
    when approving updates for deployment. One thing that might make your life
    easier is filtering for ‘Needed’ updates. If you only have x64 Win 7, the
    x86 updates will not show. Truthfully I hope Microsoft will come out with a
    patch to allow us to choose between x32 and x64 Win 7 updates.

  23. ITSystemsAdmin says:

    @KhanTutorials Thank you for your comment! The best Full-resolution to view
    my videos is 1080p HD and Full Screen. You should make your videos in 800 X
    600 or 1024 x 768 resolutions for better results…

  24. xXXinfonlightXXx says:

    Hey ITSystemsAdmin, wanted to thank you for the spectacular tutorials on
    youtube. These have even translated to server 2012, which is what I run.
    Small differences, but a huge help! THANKS!

  25. ITSystemsAdmin says:

    Comment Appreciated!

  26. Garrett says:

    Very helpful video! I wish I could find videos this detailed for all
    Windows Server services!

  27. Patrik Rusinko says:

    This is extremely professional and I love it. Thank you.

  28. Vishal Singh says:

    Best video on WSUS config.Thanks bud

  29. Michael Toub says:

    Wow! Excellent tutorial. I just sent your site to my IT buddies. I will
    check out some other videos as well !!!

  30. bsdmbeaumont says:

    Outstanding Video!!! Clear, concise, and explains nearly all the options
    and provides a few strategies. Made my life easier. Thank you.

  31. Edgar Vicencio says:

    Great video very clear!!!! I do have a question I’m on a network that
    cloned computers and all have the same SUSClientID any tips to make this
    work. Only one registered on the WSUS. please help..

  32. Vijay kharaK says:

    Wooww..! What an outstanding performance & video provided..! Totally in
    depth and clear ideas about to install and configure the WSUS in your
    environment as per the setup..! Still I am looking for more videos like the
    same on complete Windows Server 2008 R2 & Windows Server 2012.. Can you
    please help me the links, so that I can study on my own rather joining any
    institute to learn? Your help for this will be very much appreciated..

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    The best IT instructional video that I’ve encountered on Youtube so far!
    Thanks so much for this beautiful video. Love the voice too!!!

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    Very Very informative video. Awesome Job :)

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    Very good and detail explanation of WSUS. Better than the trainer of my
    MCITP class.

  38. Soul says:

    Thank you , very helpful

  39. Murali Krishna says:

    Thanks for Video.. can we configure multiple WSUS servers in one domain..

  40. Josey Wales says:

    Great presentation, thank you

  41. jedi 2000 says:

    the audio very unclear..I just followed the steps given. I found my
    existing wsus unable to detect some new servers.. Can share what i gonna do
    to resolve this issue?

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