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    Most Cincinnati business owners, patrons support bill for entertainment districts
    "I've been to Forth Street Live in Louisville, been down to Nashville where there's open container in different areas, it is helpful to get people there, to allow them to enjoy different venues throughout the evening," said Susan Bosch, of Florence …
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    Capital Playbook: Clinton Foundation scrambles; Cuomo's emergency
    MAYORAL CONTROL 'GAMES BEGIN'—Capital's Jessica Bakeman: The State Senate may not extend mayoral control of New York City schools, let alone make it permanent, according to a prominent Republican senator. “I can't envision that we do something …
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    Harden your browser to protect your privacy and stay safe online
    You can go the extra step of enabling "Block all HTTP requests", which ensures insecure components aren't loaded but cripples some websites. You can tweak the rules for individual sites and the plugin offers granular control over blocking content …
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    Crime report for April 23-27
    Incident is under investigation. 6:41 p.m. Two 43-year-old men and a 31-year-old woman were arrested following a traffic stop on the 10800 block of Highway 89 NW of a vehicle matching the description of a vehicle involved in a burglary several hours …
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    Harold Hamm's divorce check is nothing compared to this Russian one
    That means that, although Potanin has been the public face of Norilsk and the man casting the Interros block vote for many years, it's impossible to say how much he actually owns directly, without knowing the detail about Interros and its affiliates …
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    The extras that could help sell your house
    It wasn't that long ago when mentioning your in-ground pool was enough to attract dozens of interested parties to your open-house inspection. However, it takes more than just a cramped gym space and heated pool to get buyers interested these days.
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