• Miscellaneous Tools

    ed2k-tools by smurf uk (6306)

    A bunch of cool tools, providing every donkey-user with the equipment to survive in the harsh world of filesharing 😉

    ed2kAddLinkCleaner by ddv (2563)

    If you are aware of the url-code fragment (%20) in your filenames after clicking an edonkey-link you should install ed2kAddLinkCleaner. The page also gives you some information how to get the links working in opera browsers.

    • Ed2kAddLinkCleaner.

    NPDonkey by nawer (6724)

    This tool is a multitalent, you can create a html-list of the files you’re downloading, repair files, optimize your temp-directory, rename files in download, re-assemble files and edit part.met files. The download includes a french, a german and a english language file, so take a closer look on which language you have choosen when you “only understand spanish” (german proverb) 😉

    • NPDonkey061en.zip

    ID-IP Calculator

    With this little utility you can calculate the ID you should have when your connection to the eD2k-Network is properly configured. Just type in your actual IP(given by your ISP) and your eDonkey-ID will be calculated. If you have problems getting a HighID read here(english) or here(german).

    • IDIP-calculator.rar (DLs: 6568, Size:4.57 KB)

    IP Filter

    There are bad people out there who spread corrupted files, so your donkey needs ages to download this file since it has to reload this corrupted chunks. You can get rid of this problem by using a ipfilter and eMule v0.26b up. First of all read this detailed description by Trypsin. Then open a actual ip.prefix list on the following site(Click on ‘view’-link), choose the entries you want to block(ISP’s are not necessarly recommended) and copy and paste them to a file ‘ipfilter.dat’ in your eMule-Directory. Don’t forget to activate the option “Always filter bad IP” in the eMule-Preferences. Do not use this feature if you don’t know what you do!

    • ip.prefix (8336)

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