• Preview Tools

    aviPreview by funkster (21195)

    This is a commandline programm to convert partially downloaded .part files to working .avi-files:


    The basic command is “AviPreviewC inputfilename outputfilename”, there are also additional “switches” to define special settings:


    • “-c (value)” = Codec that the input file is encoded with (see requirements above).
    • “-h (value)” = Horizontal resolution.
    • “-v (value)” = Vertical resolution.
    • “-r (value)” = Framerate to use for output (frames per second, no more than significant figures).
    • “-k (value)” = Target keyframe for starting detection at a specified point in the movie.
    • “-n (value)” = Number of keyframes to extract for preview (all delta frames between these keyframes are extracted too, so keep this low).
    • “-s (value)” = Size of file (in bytes) to create for preview, so you can make a predictable size output file.
    • “-f” = Force resolution detection (in case resolution in the header is wrong).
    • “-a” = Attempt to detect and extract audio.
    • AviPreviewCv0.84Beta.zip


    AviPreviewGUI by luna (10964)

    This is a GUI for AviPreviewC. Under “File->Options” you can define the path of AviPreviewC, the path of the temp-folder, a output-folder for the generated .avi’s plus the subcommands described above. After defining the temp-folder, you’ll see the files you’re currently downloading and can generate avi-files by activating them and pressing the “scan”-button.


    • AviPreviewGUI_0.5.2.zip


    edWatch by ddv (16242)

    This tool is for previewing part-files and a gui for AviPreviewC. It is configured under “Config” (woohoo, what a surprise!), you have to define your eDonkey-folder (it will automatically find the temp-folder), a path where it saves stats (which are viewed when you let it run more than 12 hours with eDonkey), the location of AviPreview.exe and a place where to save the files converted by AviPreviewC. After you have finished this basic configuration, you will see all the files you’re currently downloading in the main window. By rightclicking a file, you can choose to convert it with AviPreviewC (with all the subcommands as described above), copy a ed2k- or a html-link to the clipboard and “reset inavtivity” (it also counts the time, that a file has not grown in size). In the bottom you see the “progress bar” with the parts already downloaded and a small window where you can see static images of a movie when there’s a header file available and you click on a black bar within the progress bar.


    • edwatch.


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