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    Reasons to Use an English Spell Checker There is a difference between a spell checker software and an English spell checker software. This is particularly designed to assist individuals who use English for writing, especially for work. Here are the different advantages of the software: This is an advantage they have over the typical spell checkers – known to read only single words. Being able to read in context is significant and provides the most convenience as well. Without this certain words such as “here” and “hear” will not be detected.
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    Based on certain studies, many individuals whether professional or not, still make the same error of improper use of grammar and punctuation marks. The reason why this is said to be advanced is that it’s quick to determine the wrong use of comma or period in the sentence; at the same time, a grammatically wrong sentence will easily be signaled so it can be revised right away. There are so many cases of writers not being aware of the mistakes they had committed, which is the main reason why the spell checkers are there. With the availability of a spell check software though, they will not have to worry of submitting something with misspelled words – the software will make sure that it’s checked and assessed before even submitted. This then makes a writer, a confident writer.
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    With the corrections, a writer also learns as he gains added vocabularies. A great example is when the software provides ways to use the sentence which is different from what you know – added knowledge such as this makes the writer learn and improve his way of writing. This is said to be a great way to learn because the learning process is moderate – the more someone uses it, the more he learns without even him knowing it. Because the software knows exactly what to do, it saves the user a lot of time. The application is the expert in this case, therefore, an individual can go about writing and leaving everything in the hands of the software. It will only take little time to clean and complete the final writing, as the automatic program will handle the editing, spell check and proofreading just a few minutes. There are numerous more advantages but the mentioned above are just some of the well-known reasons to try and have your own spell checker software. Once the spell checker software becomes highly advanced in the next few years, it can only mean advanced features and services to offer – with that, the public will benefit even more from it.

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