• Serverlist by ocbMaurice

    This list here should always contain the newest and best IPs of edonkey servers. The server updating script has been completely rewritten in february 2002. The new serverlist will generate svg statistics for every server and the whole network. Hopefully this is usefull for some server admins and maybe even plain users like to see them. All server get a ranking value which is calculated from various parameters.

    The updating script saves a native serverlist file, which is the input for the serverlist viewer. The viewer is completely templateable and is also used to generate the server.mets and not only the html pages. Sorting should be much faster due to the native serverlist file, and I also introduced a filter system to tell the script which servers should be excluded/included for the current request.

    PLEASE don’t use the “live” view frequently as for example autoupdaters or bots do, there are some premade server.mets you can download for that. We do this because we don’t want to overload our main host, so please don’t do it ! The deployed server.mets are as actual as the live generated ones !!!

    *** very important note ***

    to view any statistic you need get the adobe svg plugin. SVG (Scalabla Vector Graphics) is a powerfull way to display any type of information with a minimum of transfered data. It is based on xml and “open-source”, you find the specifications on the w3c website.

    The statstics here are produces by translating xml into svg, I don’t use real image-formats to save cpu-time and hd space. There is also a page that describes the various interactivity features the different statistics have or read some basic principles how to use the adobe svg plugin.

    finally my thanks goes to jed (aka swamp, the lead-programmer of edonkey), the server admins and all sharers out there … let the bits flow !

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