• Starting Your Sea Glass Hobby

    When I started sea glassing I had no idea how quickly it would become such a big part of my life, to the point where I actually now plan day trips and vacations around it! I have traveled to New Jersey, Connecticut, several islands in the Caribbean and Bermuda on my hunt. My next trip is going to be to England to the Seaham Beach area where some the most beautiful glass in the world comes from. I am lucky that I live near the water and am able to sea glass pretty much anytime that I want to. A short 15 minute drive takes me to about half a dozen beaches. I always find something, not all of it is great quality, but it’s something. Occasionally I will find something fabulous like a pitcher handle or a glass stopper or a piece of embossed glass from an old beer bottle. When I collect sea glass after I clean it I sort it. I sort it according to color and quality. I also keep things like rims and embossed glass and patterned glass separate. These are pieces that I will use in jewelry and crafts. While a lot of sea glass collectors sort by color only I need to sort by both color and quality. This is because I create sea glass jewelry. I like to keep my sea glass sorted so that when I want to start a project or a new piece of jewelry I know exactly where the color or quality sea glass is I want to use. Every sea glass collector does it different.

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