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    Why It is Important to Make Use of a Tool for Employee Retention There are so many businesses out there which are considering employee engagement and retention to be among the major challenges. The organizations should be able to recognize that they are linked when it comes to dealing with the issues. You cannot engage the workers that don’t like to stay and also you cannot keep them engaged when they are not interested about it. For this reason, when it comes to developing the employee retention strategy, then you have to search for tools as well as solutions which can help you accomplish the two. Know that technology is definitely one of the things that will be able to aid you on this matter. Now, there are various organizations or companies which make use of technology when it comes to recruiting. Though all that you will have to do is just to post jobs in some sites, you are still using technology. Know that the employees are really expecting about the use of technology at work. This could be in an onboarding paperwork, performance management or employee self-service. The employees could feel comfortable on the technology used. However, this doesn’t mean that technology is utilized for replacing human interaction. You still require face-to-face conversation. It is still not recommended that you do a stay interview online. What you must remember is that you need to know how you will be able to keep the employee engaged so that you can surely retain them. If you do this through an online survey, then there could be a mixed message. But, the organizations can make use of technology for monitoring who has done a stay interview or record notes of the interview. The employee retention software can truly help you on this matter. Keep in mind that technology solutions actually don’t have the whole process. But, they are really effective in the process.
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    A great thing when it comes to the use of technology is that this allows the organization to be in various places at the same time. There are lot of organizations that have realized that engagement and retention begins with the hiring process and candidate experience. When it comes to employee retention, it is very important that you are strategic. This is where you could take advantage of technology.
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    Among the tools used for conveying the message of the company and so that the candidates will get the information that they must know include the talent networks, social sharing, recruitment marketing, career portals and the employee retention software. Through technology, a candidate can have an idea about what to expect before going for the job. This can be very helpful when it comes to finding the right people who would be interested for the position.

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