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    A Guide to Boosting Business Intelligence Based NLP Tools If a business is able to decipher customer talk and thoughts, it may rely on the understanding to boost customer service as well as satisfaction. Businesses do not lack access to information, because through their interactions with customers via social networking sites, telephone calls, and in-person interactions, they can capture plenty of information that’s difficult to process into actionable form without the use of appropriate analytical tools. Today, natural language processing technology is something of a paradigm shift, because it’s giving businesses deep insights into the behavior of their customers. The Logic Behind NPL NPL tools function on the basis that computers can interpret human natural language to the point of eliminating vagueness in what’s been said. Developments in statistical algorithms have made viable the development of technology that depends on statistical logic to make predictions regarding the meaning of what was captured in a conversation. The intelligent computer software is able to offer inferences for natural human language by computing the likelihood of certain results. The most striking feature of the machine learning and inference concept is that a program can gradually enhance its accuracy and usefulness as it records and processes more data.
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    In a business scenario, text analysis or sentimental analysis is the most popular use of NPL tools. The data that businesses collect in the course of transactions may help them foresee what actions their customers may take, but the data fails to provide an understanding of customer feelings as they take those actions. Today, a business seeking to impress and satisfy the needs of its customers is most concerned with the feelings of its customers, and not just their actions. Social media is among the most data-rich platforms where NLP software can have practical use. There is tons of data that companies can process and obtain insights in, thanks to the millions, and billions in certain cases , of customers dedicating a substantial fraction of their online attention to social networking. Specific sentiment analysis programs can probe the net for mention of a product to provide quantifiable measures of the positivity, negativity, or neutrality of the context. NLPs can also be utilized in email filters to help with the analysis of the text of emails that come through an organization’s servers. Email providers can use the NLP analysis to predict the probability that an email is spam based on its content. When customers get in touch with customer representatives through calling, they usually convey a list of difficulties and complaints. Capturing this data and analyzing it can provide invaluable intelligence which can find viable use in various scenarios such as messaging and product placement. Lately, the business that beats competition is the one that employs NLP analysis to figure out more about its customers.

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