• Welcome News For Uber Partners And Drivers

    The Uber database was hacked last year. Uber partners and drivers were taken aback when Katherine Tassi, the company’s data manager announced the security breach. Thousands of people earn their living driving for uber and unfortunately the names and plate numbers of around 50,000 drivers was leaked. The company were quick to point out; this number represents a very small percentage of Uber drivers. None of the stolen information was misused in any way.
    The company has contacted all Uber drivers affected. The information stated that Uber had experienced a previous breach of protocol, however, the breach was investigated and dealt with immediately. The firm has not disclosed why they hesitated to contact those who were driving for uber at the time.
    The company have filed a lawsuit to expose the hacker’s identity. As a direct result of the security breach, the firm are offering 12 months free membership to the Experian ProtectMyID alert to all uber partners and drivers.
    The notice sent to Uber drivers stated that a third-party accessed the Uber database late 2014. The database housed the names of a small number of former and current driver’s license numbers and driver partner names. The company were quick to point out that they were responsible for safeguarding personal details and apologized for any inconvenience.
    Dozens of company databases have been hacked in the last couple of years. Those who are driving for uber may feel the data base breach means their personal information is at risk. This highlights the importance of keeping confidential information secure and the need to avoid further security breaches. President Obama addressed the issue earlier in the year. Barrack Obama signed an executive order to help government organizations and businesses to identify possible cyber-attacks. This is welcome news for all uber partners and drivers.

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