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    Learning about Cloud Computing The terms “cloud”, “cloud computing” and “In the cloud” are not new terms to many. Even so, lots of people do not really understand the true meaning of the terms. The term cloud is used in reference to storing information in a device that is different from the user’s device, and which is normally a remote computer or server that is connected through the internet. It allows you to access your files, music and photos that are backed up in the cloud anywhere and anytime over the internet as and when you need them, without having to plug in your device to a computer to sync. On the other hand, iCloud computing is an Apple service that is comparable to the ordinary cloud computing. Whereas iCloud computing has been in existence for some time now, quite a number of iPhone users, iPad users and iPod touch users are not conversant with it and if they are, then they are not using it to its full potential. To help you better understand what iCloud computing is in order to derive the most out of it, this article will try to ascertain it. Simply put, iCloud is an Apple service that allows you to sync all your information across all your devices allowing you to share the information between your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and your computer. The information in every device undergoes self-upgrading mode to ensure that only the most current information is available, all these happening wireless, for free and in the background without requiring any special action for the device owner. It is therefore possible to take a photo with your iPhone for example, and without transferring it in any other device manually, automatically find it in your other devices. Not only does this service work with photos, it also works with other information such as music, calendar, notes, contacts, documents and reminders. It also gives one the option of backing up their information as well as allowing them to locate their lost device. Some of the amazing iCloud features include: iOS backup and restore: it allows you to remotely back up your data online and access them anywhere without plugging your device to a computer. Find my iPhone: it allows you to locate your iOS device, play a sound on the device, change its password or even allows you to remotely delete contents from the device.
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    Some of the other excellent features that are there include; photo stream, back to my mac, iTunes match, find my friends, iWork and others. Most Apple products have been made in such a manner that most of them are compatible with iCloud and is edging closer to realizing the promise of cloud computing which is “A world without wires where things happen seamlessly, secure and available anywhere they are needed.”Discovering The Truth About Resources

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