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    This site is about eDonkey2000 and exists for almost 15 years now. There was a time I ran an edonkey server myself. That was back in januar of 2001. The edonkey network had about 5000 users and my server handled about half of them. Do you remember that time too; akira beeing the mother of all servers? Since then a lot of action took place. I myself started various projects and some of them have been discontinued again. In September 2006 the original client was abandoned but the network is still accessible.

    This page (including serverlist) is hosted on an ancient Pentium Pro 133 with 64M Ram, running Gentoo Linux. The scripts are all written in perl and hosted via apache and mod_perl. The server is located in my multimedia room and connected to the internet by a cablemodem (2000kbps down/400kbps up).

    Feel free to drop me a mail if you have to tell me something.


    ed2k serverlist (no bots)

    The serverlist is automatically updated every 20 minutes. There are several options to transfer the servers from my list to your eDonkey client. Please don’t abuse this service and choose an appropriate way to get an updated serverlist.

    Due to fake servers, I decided to no longer list any servers from the US!

      • add servers to your running client online
      • view default serverlist in your browser
      • download default server.met [check]
      • insert default serverlist into emule
      • serverlist for command line clients
      • view top 10 servers by users or by rank
      • view french, german dutch or belgian servers

    Some people may prefer to have less or more servers. If you are one of them, you can choose a different serverlist below. The default serverlist includes all working servers that had 100 users while the last update was conducted.

      • best [emule] [download] [view] [check] users > 30’000 and rank > 3.7
      • good [emule] [download] [view] [check] users > 10’000 and rank > 3.0
      • max [emule] [download] [view] [check] all working servers

    ed2k_utils users must use the bot-format

      • view live serverlist statistics (show last update and overall numbers)
      • view live download statistics (number of downloads and transfers size)


    network statistics

    Since I already have the data from the network, I also create some statistics that you can view here. The statistics are in SVG format. The be able to view them, you will need the SVG plugin, which you can get from Adobe. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Netscape 6, you must download the Beta version. You may have to enter “about:config” into the addressbar and look for “svg.enabled” which has to be disabled in order to use the Adobe Plugin. For more information you may also want to visit TheDonkeyNetwork.

      • select
      • links today, yesterday, this month, last month


    webdonkey 1.48 (linux/cygwin only)

    Webdonkey is a tool to control a commandline client via your web-browser. The current implementation is very old and does not support the newer edonkey clients. There are some plans to rewrite webdonkey to support them and to clean the code, as I was a perl beginner when I wrote this software.

      • download webdonkey 1.48 [manual] [screenshots]


    autoupdater 3.1 & liveupdater 0.99 (windows only)

    The autoupdater is a very old tool, but should still do the job. It can be used to automate the process of downloading a new server.met before starting your edonkey client. The archive just contains the core-files. You need to run update.bat after extracting all files into your edonkey directory to download the actual updater script (edonkey.bat).

      • download the auto-updater version 3.1
      • an unsupported linux version can be found here

    Include your preferred or non-public servers when updating the server.met. Just edit a simple batch file to include more static servers. You can add servers with fixed IPs and also use servers that have dynamic DNS names.

        • download the dns resolving addon version 1.0

          miscellaneous (very old and unsupported stuff)

        • read user/file statistics from a donkey server (perl)
        • a php-version from O.Strnad is also available
        • Quick-Basic program that reads the server.met file
        • C snippet to convert a server.met into a text-serverlist

    Don’t have a compiler? Download a





      • picture of my former edonkey server (pentium 90, 1200 users max)



    • TheDonkeyNetwork
    • Test edonkey connectivity
    • Symantec online virus scan
    • eDonkey users searching for ET
    • lugdunum’s great edonkey server patches

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